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March 2014
Price Contributes to Temple University Flower Show Exhibit Design

Congratulations to the Temple University School of Environmental Design. The Ambler Campus Landscape Architecture and Horticulture Department won three awards in the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show for “Tamanend’s Track,” an exhibit demonstrating commitment to restoring degraded landscapes and native plants.

The Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pa. was awarded for an exhibit of unusual excellence; Temple Ambler was recognized in the conservation category. The Chicago Horticultural Society Flower Show Medal honored the educational exhibit for showing outstanding horticultural skill and knowledge. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Special Achievement Award recognized the exhibit’s achievement conveying a message through landscape.

Keast & Hood Co. Associate Jonathan Price, PE, CDT, LEED AP, contributed to the team’s exhibit by providing machinery and technical expertise for the use of papercrete. Papercrete, akin to a high-strength paper mache – is a lightweight material comprised of newspaper, cement, and lime. The team used papercrete in stucco form to craft landscape elements of the exhibit. An ambitious design – the tallest in the academic exhibit categories – includes a series of cliffs made from papercrete. Price designed and co-built an industrial blender for mulching the paper and blending the stucco, which the students used for construction. Using papercrete enabled advance construction of the cliffs and ability to transport the lightweight structures from campus to the Flower Show.

The exhibit was a combined effort of Temple University Facilities Management, Computer Services, and Ambler Campus CLA Administration, and the Ambler Arboretum.

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