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September 2018
KH and APT Delaware Valley Chapter to host Ivan Strelbitsky

On Monday, September 24th, APT Delaware Valley Chapter and Keast & Hood will host a presentation by Ivan Strelbitsky, a Structural Engineer from Russia.

The talk will cover the structural reinforcing of historic buildings affected by a variety of disasters, neglect, or an improper approach to previous interventions. The structures discussed date from 8 c. (Caucasus) to 19 c. and include churches, fortresses, and mansions.

In addition to his presentation, Mr. Strelbitsky is happy to take questions and conduct a dialog regarding his work.

Ivan is a frequent lecturer at the Moscow Architectural Institute and is described by peers as an innovative thinker and a passionate educator who greatly appreciates the architectural heritage of his native land and loves to share his experience with students and younger professionals.

This event is free but requires prior registration due to limited seating. Please register HERE. Beer and snacks will be provided.

Mr. Strelbitsky graduated from the Moscow Institute for Land Reclamation in 1975 with a degree in hydrotechnical structures. After working on several dams and canals in the southern USSR, he decided his vocation was more to conserve nature then to change it. In 1980 he took part in a restoration workshop in which he could implement his background as a structural engineer in conservation and restoration of historic structures throughout Russia, including monasteries, fortresses, mansions and churches. Strelbitsky has taken conservation courses in Moscow and has participated in ICCROM programs in Norway and Rome. For over 10 years, he has worked as a freelance conservation consultant and has taken part in various projects throughout Russia as well as India. He lectures at the Institute of Art Restoration.

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