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February 2009
Keast & Hood Co. Honored As Lighthouse Preservation Volunteer

Keast & Hood Co. was honored in January as a lighthouse preservation volunteer by representatives of the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse and US Lighthouse Society. The award follows volunteer and professional preservation efforts performed by Keast & Hood Co. since 2006.

During the award ceremony, Lighthouse Society representative Henry Gonzalez presented Keast & Hood Co. Principal Matthew Daw, PE, LEED AP, with a section of iron tie rod replaced as part of structural design work in 2007.

Gonzalez said, “This [is] a great time to reflect on all of our collective accomplishments over the last year, an opportunity for our preservation volunteers to receive our collective recognition and thanks, and for several of you to receive awards to commemorate your contributions to the preservation of our National Historic Landmark and Chesapeake Bay icon.”

The Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is the oldest, unmoved, spider-type screwpile lighthouse in the US. Built in 1875 as a replacement for on on-shore tower, the light is located in the middle of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Its iron foundation and structure were rehabilitated and strengthened by Keast & Hood Co. and Structural Preservation Systems, LLC during a design-build project in 2006-7. Since then, additional corrective measures have been taken and Keast & Hood Co. staff has offered volunteer service for ongoing maintenance and repair work.

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