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January 2013
Keast & Hood Co. Engineers 2013 Presidential Inaugural Stands

Four years after providing fast-track structural engineering design for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Review Stands, Keast & Hood Co. is back on the design team for the 2013 stands under contract with McKissack & McKissack. Sustainability was built into the 2009 design, and 100 percent of the structural materials were designed and specified to be reused in future inaugurations or completely recycled. All three of the new 2013 stands incorporate materials from inventory.

Key aspects of the project include a structural materials inventory and examination for appropriate reusability, plus engineering design of three structures: - Presidential Review Stand in front of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to accommodate the president, his staff, and family. - Three-story Media Stand across Pennsylvania Avenue in Lafayette Park. - Mayor’s Review Stand on the front steps of City Hall to accommodate the DC Mayor and staff.

Click here to read about Keast & Hood Co.’s work on the 2009 Inaugural Stands.

Pictured top to bottom: Construction progress on the Presidential Review Stand, Media Stand, Mayor’s Review Stand

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